Ferrari Store


Ferrari Store


We are very proud to be official supplier for Ferrari Store. It is such a special and exclusive relationship, like a dream that becomes true. Our Ferrari models from this line are sold only and exclusive in Ferrari Stores all over the world.

For Ferrari’s legions of fans, there is one unmistakable place where they can get a taste of the world they dream of: the Ferrari Store. These unique shops, located in the world’s major cities, are veritable temples that celebrate the beauty of the company’s creations, giving customers the chance to buy all kinds of official merchandise bearing the famous Prancing Horse logo. Naturally, one item stands out from the rest: the MR Group’s scale models, which are one of the most popular items among those who visit Ferrari’s official outlets. These models have been making an impression for over ten years as part of the company’s beautifully maintained in-store displays, and on the webpages of the official online store.

Being selected by Ferrari as the official supplier for this major initiative is a source of great satisfaction for us, and it gives us great pleasure to know that collectors of Ferrari scale models have official reproductions bearing the MR Group name in their display cases. This state of affairs pushes us to improve every day, always looking towards the future.

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