MR Collection Models in Hong Kong with an AVIO launcher and Lamborghini and Ferrari models

We started the year 2016 presenting a rocket science model, in the literal sense of the word. 

After 27 anni years of activity in car modeling, we decided to prove ourself in the realization of a limited series of the VEGA C launcher for AVIO, the Italian company leader in space propulsion. 

The VEGA C launcher will make its first qualification flight in 2018 and is currently under development. It will be bigger and more powerful than the current VEGA, the European launcher realized at 65% in Italy always by AVIO. 

The resin model made by MR Collection in scale 1:100 is 34 centimeters high and reproduces to the smallest details the future space launcher, in the same livery shown at the Paris Air Show in June 2015.

We have been chosen by AVIO not only for the high quality of our realizations but also for our reliability and the secrecy of our premises and processes“, comments CEO Egidio Reali, “besides being, each one in his sector, expression of the Italian entrepreneurship at the highest levels.” 

The VEGA C model stands on a light blue Alcantara basis and is protected by an elegant plexiglas case. The series, limited to 100 units, is not for sale. 

There is no real space model collecting hobby like instead for cars” adds Reali, “but maybe just because nobody thought of it. We are making feasibility studies for other versions of the VEGA C, decomposable in the four stages, with an openable fairing and possibly also with the reproduction of the transported satellites.

The Hong Kong toy fair, which opens next 11 January (HK Toys & Games Fair 2016) won’t therefore only see the endless production of toys and games of “Star Wars” but also the VEGA C in scale 1:100 which will be one of the showstoppers of the MR Collection Models stand. The other premieres will be the Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 Spyder, the Ferrari 488 GTB Spider, the Ferrari FXX-K (all in 1:18), top-of-the-range models of a production that also for 2016 will be of the highest level.

MR Collection Models participates this year for the first time to the Hong Kong fair, confirming the vocation international growth which characterized it since its beginning, when young founder Egidio Reali used to go to the Nuremberg toy fair with his first creations at the end of the Eighties.

I have always been an innovator” states Reali, “when I introduced the use of resins for collectible models, when I opened, first among westerner producers, a factory in China, but also when I obtained qualifications and certifications from luxury car brands that no one else today has. The high quality scale model collecting still has a great potential which with the Italian creativity and craftsmanship can be further developed. The year 2016 will see another leap in the dimension of our company.”